Innovation never has room for standstill.
© Bernhard Sinz

„Our most exciting task was the development of our company into a competence centre for textile communication with international significance.“

Markus Graz, Walter Klocker, Dr. Thomas König
Barbara Kruger
US-American conceptual and installation artist for large size posters and objects
Domelights - Staedel Museum annex
Staedel faculty of arts, Frankfurt Main (D)
Indoor wall-coverings brewery
Private brewery Fritz Egger, St Poelten (A)
IBM Smarter Commerce European Summit, Monaco 2013
George P. Johnson, Ostfildern / Ruit (D)
„Door to history“, Ravensburg, Germany 2009
Joint initiative Ravensburg - city and economic forum „pro Ravensburg“
KUKA presentation during HMI, Hannover 2015
Zeeh Design Show, Munich (D)
Clever minds make for clever solutions

The better the crew the more successful the innovations.