Innovation never has room for standstill.
Typico success story.

Our most exciting task was the development of our company into a competence centre for textile communication with international significance.

In the early nineties we started as the first large format digital printer worldwide. Everything rotated around digital print and assembly. At that time our main issue was to find a way to develop a series production for self-constructed large format objects. Today this only affects us marginally.

Evolution in our print shop (Typico Megaprints) had our knowledge grow continuously and today we are system supplier in our own compentence center for textile communication. A demanding, exciting and diversified task that needs a lot of know-how and experience. In the broadest sense everything rotates around printed or unprinted membranes that can be shaped by means of aluminum lightweight constructions. Our biggest challenge is to meet the demand of all those versatile business areas.

Whether exhibition construction, architecture, event, art or lighting projects – we contribute our knowledge.

„When nobody is able to – Typico will do“ – that’s how it used to be and that’s how it’s going to be in the future, too. Everything for the benefit of partnerships and with our customers. Innovations allow no standstill.


Dr. Thomas König, Markus Graz, Walter Klocker

Typico headquarters.

The new building as the biggest wooden structure in Vorarlberg opend up in 2012.


DI Bernd Frick and DI Richard Winkel


2011 til 2012

  • Number of employees: 60
  • Number of free installers: 28
  • Number of trainees: 3
  • International sales departments: 2
  • Production space: 7.800 m²
  • Administration space: 800 m²
  • Power requirements: similar to 2 family houses
  • Print capacity per day: 2.400 m²
  • Number of publications about Typico in 2015: 28
The interface between our custommers and print shop
1140 m² production space, 300,000 m² printed material per anno, up to 5m image width
1600 m² assembly space, sewing stations and high frequency welding tools
Metal construction
Metal construction
1600 m² production are – processing of over 250 tons aluminum per year
Advertising technology
Advertising technology
printing, plotting, laminating as well as cutting technology
Typico Production.

Our general management is being supported and assisted by administration where customer and staff data is being organized as well as the handling of incoming and outgoing invoices.

Karin Flatz and her team are your first contact at the reception desk.

„I love this indipendent and varied job as well as the help and advice of our colleagues and bosses. Sometimes even sparks fly during a dispute but after claryfication solutions wil be found and no one is bearing grudges. I'm proud and happy to be part of the Typico-team!“

Karin Flatz
Head of Backoffice I Instructress

Order processing comprises everything from offer to shipping. Coordination of production, sales and shipping.

It also means to make sure that capacity meets deadlines as well as managment of essential data.

„My job is to know what's going on during all stages of processing in order to deliver goods of the best possible quality. The biggest challenge is the smooth and complete communication between departments. Additionally I try to continuously optimize processes and quality so that we can always guarantee our quality standards“

Hanno Ausserhofer
Order Processing & Logistics

„We are quite unrestrained regarding customer visions“ Here in sales costumer's ideas are realised and very often they are outdone.

Innovative and individual solutions are being sold. Every single day we are prepared to face new challenges.

„Our core competence lies in the process starting with planing and construction ending with mounting and installation. Staff longterm experience plus the real interest in customer requests and wishes empowers us to produce individual and overal solutions.“

Markus Graz I CEO
Visual Marketing & Art

This department has to realise projects. The combination of material plus aluminum offers a big scope of design that needs special profile and tensioning systems. There are more than 100 Typico profiles for all sorts of demands available. Special ability in this department is the development of systems solution for new designs and exceptional constructions.

„It's always quite exciting to realise, and to sometimes being able to even outdo, all those different expactations.“

Enrico Pfister
Head of Technical Project Management

Pre-press with a team of four is the interface between our customers and print shop.

„Our mission: by transforming ci-standards, world of colours and the effect of large format prints to realize customer specifications. Our forte: to find solutions for each challenge we might face.“

Markus Thurnher
Head of Pre-Press & Graphic Processing

Our print shop is known to be one of the biggest producer of large format digital prints in Europe. We are able to print on more than 40 different kinds of material up to a width of 5m (unlimited length). We are even able to print elastic and other complex fabrics like satin and other decorative material. By using multy-layer processing it is possible to optically enhance parts of the prints by adding light-effects.

„A harminuous together is a must in our print shop – otherwise the daily amount of 2.500m² could not be handled. We print on more than 40 different kinds of material up to a width of 5m. The motivated and creative team as well as our efficient machinery guarantee a constantly perfect quality.“

Sascha Nyffeler
Head of Print Shop

Here advertising technology, skill, sound knowledge of material, and processing capacities are united.

This team can pick from numerous foils and template material in order to produce dramatic products and and sensational special bondings.

„Our well trained and experienced team allows the production of logotypes, large format effect-bondings, use of sheet material like Forex, Dibond, Acrylic and many others, as well as the mounting of those products worldwide, no matter where. It is always a pleasure to see the customer's amazement when they find out that the sky is the limit.“

Klaus Fricker
Head of Film Finishing

The hall with 1,600m² offers more than enough room for assembly of all prints, test mounting of ehxition booths and lamination of large format prints. High frequency welding tools (one 18 and one 30 meters) are available as well as many sewing stations plus all relevant instruments in order to manufacture pvc-material, fabrics and foils. The assembly-team guarantees highest possible precision for utterly oversized pieces too.

„Team spirit under pressure is our forte. In order to manufacture all different kinds of customer demands one has to have an experienced team which we are.“

Martin Dür
Head of Fabric Finishing

Our metal construction team processes over 250 tons aluminum per year and produces patented railing systems. With this system almost all formats and forms can be realized regarding coverings for booth construction, architecture, outdoor advertising, shop furnishings and art. Our lasercutter allows special formats made from aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

„We accept all challenges! Whatever a customer is looking for we customize the product. Our team guarantees highest quality because it is highly motivated, competent and commited.“

Marcel Willi
Head of Metal Construction

Our shipping department is responsible for perfect deliveries. In order to guarantee intime deliveries well planned and organized processes are necessary for each order. Close cooperation with all other departments is of the essence. An environmentally friendly packaging machine produces powerful and compact shipping cardboard boxes.

„Thrills guaranteed. Punctuality has top priority followed by a clean and precise working method. Packaging of products naturally plays a decisive role, too. In order to guarantee deliveries in time we have to be able to rely on each other a hundred percent.“

Thomas Zimmermann
Packaging & Shipping
Typico customers.
Allgäu Airport, Memmingen (D)
Alpdest, Schwaz (AUT)
Ambrosius Germany, Frankfurt am Main (D)
Armellini Design, Hard (AUT)
Atelier Türke trade fair design, Balingen (D)
Bluepool, Leinfelden-Echterdingen (D)
Bodensee Airport, Friedrichshafen (D)
EXAKT fair construction, Tettnang (D)
Expomobilia, Eff retikon (CH)
Exporaum fair construction, Langenargen (D)
EXPOTECHNIK, Taunusstein (D)
Fahnen 24, Staad SG (CH)
Fair Play, Wolfurt (AUT)
Frey+Frey, Bern (CH)
Galerie Sprüth Magers, Berlin (D,E)
George P. Johnson, Ostfildern (D)
Hardeweg, Velen (D)
Heinz Will, Asslar (D)
MAC, Langenlonsheim (D)
Max Rappenglitz, Maisach/Gernlinden (D)
MEPLAN, München (D)
Messebau Süd, Ostelsheim (D)
Messe Friedrichshafen, Friedrichshafen (D)
Metron Vilshofen, Vilshofen (D)
MIKS, Hamburg (D)
Montfort Advertising, Klaus (AUT)
Mountain Management, Bregenz (AUT)
Nüssli Schweiz, Hüttwilen (CH)
PPD print + plott design, Köln (D)
Raumtechnik, Ostfildern (D)
Ribelle, Oberpframmern (D)
Richter lighting technologies, Heubach (D)
Schach Werbetechnik, Bissingen/Teck (D)
Schnaitt fair construction, Bergheim (D)
Schweizermessebau, Muri (CH)
Showorx, Dornbirn (AUT)
SKODA AUTO, Mlada Boleslav (CZ)
S.K. fair construction, München (D)
Standform, Nußdorf am Haunsberg (AUT)
Standpunkt, Dornbirn (AUT)
System Standbau, Salzburg (AT)
TECHQUADRAT Werbetechnik, Weißkirchen (AUT)
Teufl Messekonzepte, Laufen (D)
Unnasch+Friedrich, Emmering (D)
Vorarlberger Kulturhäuser, Bregenz (AUT)
VRPE Team/Media, Hohenbrunn (D)
Typico GmbH
Innovation never has room for standstill.